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Gossiping with Liv (English version)

The last 2nd of December Liv Kristine was in the Madrid Is The dark Festival and this blog had the opportunity to enjoy a chat with her... yes, I still can't believe it. And it's all Marc's (from Empire) fault. Thank you, so, so much Marc!!

After taking a sit at the backstage, Liv asked for a beer and we enjoyed some chat. I have to admit she looked stunning, she had a new light in her face... and I was petrified and I was, almost, not able to speak, but I really tryed (yeah, here my English looks like quite decent, but I admit that it was reaaaally bad, if my teachers from the British Council saw me... dishonor on my cow).

-The last time you were in Spain you were walking the Jacob's way and now, you come back in a very different situation, with different emotions. How do you feel right now?

Liv: Two and half years ago I went to Spain, it was more like a escape from everything that happened in my private life.  I' ve been part to Leaves' Eyes, everything happened for one day to another. Then I got a call from John Kelly and Maite Itoiz and they asked me if I want to come to the Basque Country and stay there for a while, because I have friends there and actually they live there. We've been friends for quite some years and they also visited Germany a couple of times. Making music together with Maite is the best thing that could happened to scape from everything. So I went to the Basque Country with my son Leon and we did some parts of the Jacob's way,  we spent almost two wonderful weeks with the friends and they made me return, or helped me to return to who I am , with a lot  of new power. I needed to get a new home, I needed to get a job and to fix everything from the scratch. But every turn, I was in good spirits and, then, one thing after the other happened so... Today, here in Madrid, what it happened to stand is that I have a home...

-A very nice home (check the images on Fb).

Liv: Yeah, it's sweet and beautiful, with Laika, our dog, my little family...  I've got myself a job, I've always wanted to work with physically and psychologically abused children in youth and austistic children, it's so exciting. It's something that I wanted to do for a long time and then, I just happened to get in to these fields, because this is nothing I had studied, I studied German and English, a master, so I've got myself a job, I've got divorced, which that's supposed it has two sides too. I know I'm not like I'm 85, I'm only 41! So I'm in the middle of my life, everything is open. To me, it has always been important to love. I love life, I've always been a positive woman. Like you wrote, it's a new Liv, and now, I say I embrace her, now I feel better than ever. So many wonderful, beautiful people have come in to my life, during the starts, one and a half- two years, and I feel blessed. So today I'm here with a mended heart: a happy heart and many future plans, but the most important thing is that I can be here now and enjoy life.

-Something really good of you, and I'm mesmerized by that, is how can you get the positive side of everything. On facebook, you had a problem with your page and now I think you have a page that is closer to the fans.

Liv: It's amazing! First of all,  thanks to my fans and friends. My old Fbpage has desappeared: It got hacked and after it disappeared with, I don't know, a couple of  hundred of housand of fans, and I though, "Well, ok, shit, I have to start from zero". But you know what? Those people following me, fans and friends, they're so dedicated it fells like a huge universal friendship. So it feels great too not to be dependent on music only. I like the sports like yoga, climbing, dancing... I started acrobatic yoga.

- I really admire you about that because I started with yoga and it's so, so difficult.

Liv: It's so wonderful, and it's also one of those things that keep me positive. Of course, my soon and my family, my work, which I love, music and sports and friends. I have so much more time now to meet friends and be cool, and everybody stays over, we have a good bottle of wine. At the end of daytime I can go climbing- bouldereing for a couple of hours. Life is like "calm down". When I'm doing music now, since I've got my other job, music is something I do with the heart. If I can offer a show here in Madrid, I take my time for the show and then it's something special for me. It's not something of two shows on a day, or for weeks and weeks driving in a tour bus through USA, it's something here today in Madrid: special. So I appreciate it and I feel more relaxed.

-Yeah, because it's more personal.

Liv: Yes, it's more personal, and also my band, that have been with me since my time in The Sirens, they're just wonderful, so faithful.

-You said you like yoga, acrobatic yoga,  long distance running, swimming, bouldering... Do you still have time for the sauna, the relax, to calm down?

Liv: I do, yes I do. And if you think that Leon likes to come along, you're right, he likes to do those things too. So it's great, I have so much more time! It's great!

- We know (I think I read something about it) you did a course of vegan- vegetarian cooking...

Liv: Did I do a course? Hmmmm... It might be I interested in veganism since I became vegetarian when I was 15, and I have some allergies, so actually been vegan  it's something that it's goes by, because there're things that I can't eat and my son is vegetarian too, but that's his choice. So there're things we cannot eat , we just have to skip from the diet. It's not a problem, I'm really interested in cooking books.

-We have seen a lot of changes in your style during the years, I see a kind of evolution and it's really curious because now the female singers are changing their hair colours and you decided to cut it.

Liv: Yeah, I decided to cut it!

- Are you inspired in any person or it was something that you need it to do?

Liv: Not really, I just need it to do it. Well,  my name is Liv, which means "life" but my friends call me "the wild bee" because I'm always up and down and my hair have a lot of curls. When you have a long hair, you don't have so much curls, and my friends said "hey, you've got let your curls cut because you'll be more free, you're in the middle of life... show that energy" and I said "ok". So, for the first time I went to see my hairdresser and I said "you just do what want: you, as a man, how do you like to see and what do you think will be the most atractive way to see my hair? ", and he said "are you ready?", "Yes!" and then he took the scissor and cut off my hair and then my curls were wow! (huge smile)

-You have said that you are a big fan of Lush...

Liv: Oh, I already googled "how many Lushes you have here" in Madrid and I saw they're open on Sunday ... so imagine what I'm going to do tomorrow.

-There is one really close, really really near...

Liv: ....... Ok!

-Just saying...

Liv: Let's see... I'm playing...Well, I have 10 minutes after the show... maybe I'll make it (laughs). I´m a big fan, I love Lush and I found out that I have a bathtube at my hotel room. So, yes... see my eyes: they're shinning!

-Do you have any cosmetic that you're in love by now?

Liv: I really love Lush, but I have something that I found, something that it's a really good makeup, a couple of days ago, and that is from Clinique, the cream is called BBcream (if you're looking for the cream, you're welcome), it's like make up, it stays so well,  it's very thick, it cover what it has to cover. It's amazing. And apart from that, everything for Lush: you know, hair stuff and everything I'm recently into vanilla, and my favourite thing has always been Karma: the Karma perfume, the Karma bath bomb... I need to get back tomorrow. Yes tomorrow will be Karma aaaall day.

- Also your sister has a perfume (More information about the Carmen's perfume here), if you have to desing a perfume, how it would be?

Liv: A perfume... I really wish that would be like Karma because it's the one that protects me.

-You're really in love.

Liv: Yes, I really love it.

After that, she suggest to take a picture (of course I said yes, after trying to put my hair in order... but my hair ir rebeld. I must admit I really enjoy to have a little chat about things that are not just music and meet Liv, the person, the woman behind the amazing voice.

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