jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

Una cartita de amooool XDD

Quiero poner esto, sí soy una cansina, pero me ha hecho cierta ilu. Está escrito por Sander, el nuevo guitarrista de Leave's Eyes y publicado en el caralibro hoy. En la foto no sale, ni él, ni el bateria, porque han sido los ultimos en incorporarse a la gira.

"Hello all!

Now we found a working internet connection again, a new sign of life from the road. ....

The last days were filled with adventure and challenge…..


We had an awesome show at the Z7 venue in Pratteln/Switzerland. Super nice venue which is always a pleasure to play. Unfortunately we had a stroke of bad luck later that night. It became clear that our tourbus had multiple problems, which made it unsafe to drive any further and left us with a huge problem: ' how to get to Montpellier France the next day…..'

Without a quick solution, there was a real danger of having to cancel our appearance there.
For us, canceling the show was not an option. Luckily the awesome Z7 crew helped us out by arranging a sprinter bus with two of their security officers driving us to Montpelier! Big thanks go out to Norbert and all at Z7, what you did for us was just amazing!
After an approximately eight hour drive we arrived at the venue, and in 'speedstaging style' we set and entered the stage within 15 minutes!
Thanks to our awesome crew we made it! Right after the show we jumped back into the car and met up with our new tourbus.


We played Barcelona and Madrid. Both shows were packed, and the atmosphere great. Many fans already came out to meet us before soundcheck, and we can say that the Spanish people are definitely amongst the loudest crowds we've seen so far on this tour.


While Kamelot and Adagio enjoyed a day off, we traveled to the beautifull city of Lissabon. We actually found out that we are too big for this city………literally!

The venue was situated in the old centre of Lissabon, where the streets are quite small. To get our tourbus over there our drivers had to struggle with the famous Lissabon cable cars, pissed off police officers, and far too small streets for our bus.

We got to play a full headliner set also including the live premiere of the new track ‘At Heaven’s End’.
One more thing…

The special fan edition of ‘Njord’ is available now and you can get it on tour!

Sander/Leaves Eyes"
A todo esto solo puedo decir una cosa.
Mori, David, Darith y demás... somos unos gritones... XDD

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